JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


The new computer was delivered just before quitting time ... sleek and allover glossy black, with icy royal blue power lighting ... if you melted Darth Vader down and molded him into a CPU casing, my new machine is what it'd look like. :-)

And the extra goodies ... CyberLink DVD Suite (with DVD drive and burner), bunch of Nero stuff (I didn't even have a sound card in the old one, let alone a burner of any kind). And that's only the beginning of exploring ... I'm at home right now, doing checks and setting up via the remote access 'cause I wanted to make sure THAT worked and Wednesday being IT's pool tournament night, he's handily in his office late, making it possible to check tweaks and settings with him ... Explorer is being cranky and unconnectable, but so far everything else is okay. I can even see a positive speed difference in the remote connection itself. :-)

New toys are SO much fun!

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