JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Some news from/for LJ ...

... for those not reading the various staff and company announcement journals: Introducing the New Explore Area Instructions for opting out, if you wish, are included in the announcement.

Myself, I'm staying opted in for this one ... I came to LJ via an established group of Lexxy friends, and, since then, have met and e-friended several more very cool people via interests and friends of friends and community comments and sometimes pure ol' chance, as well as having gained a few quiet, noninteractive folk who have chosen to have me as part of their LJ reading (I rarely bother with poking through my profile unless I actually want to edit or update something, but on the rare occasions I do, it's always a happy surprise to find a new name in one of the friends-related sections) ... who knows what encounters and riches this feature could lead to? :-)

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