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"Sweeney heard music that nobody heard ..."

Just home from seeing Sweeney Todd ... as a longtime fan of the stage musical, I have to say "not bad .... not bad at all." Casting: Perfect. Ditto for sets, make-up, and costume. I had expected cuts ... these days it's rare for a film to be the same length as the play, as theatre-goers are assumed to have longer attention spans than movie-goers (a shame, but that's the Hollywood mentality for you), but 'twas a shame that it was mainly comedy bits that were sacrificed (especially missed the number where Johanna and Anthony are kissing and cuddling and planning their elopement, with her finally thinking to ask his name at the end. And the "locksmith" bit from the pie song, which I adore for the look on Todd's face. Oh, and the beggar woman/Lucy Barker's explicit propositioning of Anthony at every opportunity). But I'll forgive 'em ... the comedy stuff is on the fringes of the story, and, when time is limited, the main plot has to come first.

So now I'm playing my DVD of the Angela Lansbury/George Hearn Broadway performance, just to hear for real the missing bits that played in my head as I enjoyed the movie (and I do recommend, if you've not seen it, to try to rent or borrow it, as it'll add extra fillips of meaning to the Depp/Bonham-Carter performances).

The only other thing I really missed was "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" ... understandable that it couldn't be performed throughout the movie as it is on stage (where appropriate verses are sung by the street people during quick scene changes), but I was hoping it'd be accompanying the end credits. Ah well ...

To me they're both wonderful flavour variations of the same thing ... I'll certainly one day have the DVD of the new version sitting beside the old on my shelf. :-)

And because I can't resist:

"Hey! Hoy! Sailor boy!
Want it snugly harboured?
Open the gate, but dock it straight,
I see it lists to starboard!"

Beggar woman propositioning Anthony, after she tells him who Johanna is.
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