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Grumpy and mourning

For the last few days, the local Internet has been ddrrrrraaaaaaagggggggggggiiiiiiiiiinnnnggggg (it's not just my home service ... it's been happening at work as well). Pages are taking forever to load (and often time out before completion). LJ has, of course, been affected as well (plus, according to the site news, they've been having extra problems of their own, which explains why, even when a page finally DID claim to be complete, after an average 5 minutes of struggle, most of the graphics or customizations were missing) ... piping up with the few comments I've managed has been fraught with tension, wondering if it was gonna make it or go to permanent white screen (it's pretty bad when a person has to copy all their comments to a Word document ... just in case).

So, in more concise words, I've not been able to keep up with everybody's news (and haven't DARE click on any links) the way I like to ... grumblegrumblegrumblegrumblegrumble ... (for the record, it took nearly half an hour for slo-mo LJ to preview and post this ... mebbe tomorrow will be better)

Then, just to make my mood even more pissy, I found out tonight, while cruising through the lingerie department at The Bay that my favourite style of bra ... the bra that fits so well that I forget I'm wearing it (and that's a MAJOR accomplishment with a woman who prefers to be braless) ... is being discontinued. In fact, Warners is killing off the entire "Designs" line ***whimper***.

All of you who are female (and possibly the males too ... I won't pry into your personal fetishes) know how I feel. This was the bra in a million ... I'm a 38C and it's not easy finding a bra that size that isn't armour-plated and/or designed for maximum support (which I neither like nor need). Warners Designs 7283 was seamless, soft-cupped, unpadded, the front spacing between the cups matched MY spacing, the underwire was nicely flexible and molded to me. It came in colours other than black or white (burgundy, denim blue, powder blue, pink, pale yellow). And it had a special feature that I REALLY LOVED. There's a lot of one-armed reaching in my business, often stretching up to top shelves with one arm while holding an armload of books in the other ... this kind of activity while wearing a regular bra will often slightly "lift" the breast out of the bra (at least that happens to me), and, as a result, I always had to make "adjustments". Because #7283 has cross-lacing between the cups instead of a solid fabric, the cups have a bit of independent movement ... they behave when I'm at rest and move with me when I reach/stretch. MARVELOUS!!!!!!

And now it's gone!!! And, just to put the icing on this unpleasant cake, the racks had every size in existence on 'em EXCEPT MINE!!!!!!!!! I think I'll go stare out the window at the gloomy skies and rain, in an attempt to cheer myself up.

P.S. Warners has one of the most useless Web pages that I've ever seen. You'd think they didn't want to hear from disappointed customers or something.

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