JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Christmas treasure from Mom

An aerial view of where I grew up, taken in the mid-seventies. The original is much larger and has hung, framed, in the living room for all these decades; Mom got one of my uncles to scan it and print copies this year (yes, we know the whole spiel about the photo is copyright-owned by the original photographer, but we've been trying to track him down for over a decade with no luck and there's no intent to get filthy rich by selling these ***GRIN***)

Home Prime Home Prime

If you click to see a larger version, a cluster of people are visible in the garden ... that's my whole family there, working away oblivious to the fact that we're on candid camera (photographers would pay a fee to hitch a ride with the official aerial survey photographers and then visit the neighbourhood afterwards with the offer of a portrait of your property ... my Mother also has copies of the official survey prints taken at the same time)

P.S. The big original is sharper than this too ... uncle needs to work on his scanner settings. :p

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