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I could really get into this extra-few-days-off thing

Off to the hairdresser's this morning, for LOOONNNNGGGGG overdue fresh paint and cut. Now I'm properly "six-block-red" on top again, with refreshed darker colour ("espresso") on the underlayers. From there, a quick zip over to the comics shop (since it's practically next door once I'm up there and why not take advantage of the fact that most people are back at work instead of driving around?) ... continuation titles I'm after STILL not in (Boneyard v. 6, Jack of Fables v. 2, and, The Goon: Chinatown), but they finally had copies of Roman Dirge's Peter the Pirate Squid in stock, so now I've got that and a copy of his The Monsters in My Tummy (I'm getting quite addicted to Mr. Dirge's warped little universe, in print and on LJ ... taxidermied and lenore_comics. These, plus picking up another back-volume of "Y: the Last Man" (volume 6 ... I've already read all the books in the series so far via the public library's collection, but it's too good a story not to own for re-reading when I please) added up to an unusually cheap comics shop visit for me, but I'm sure I'll make up for it next time. :p

Will report on the Dirge volumes once I've read them ... just flipping through "Pirate Squid" and glancing at some of the drawings has me giggling, so that's very promising ... :-)

P.S. Does seem like I'm been doing the shopaholic thing for books, movies and music lately, doesn't it? No I haven't won the lottery ... 'tis a lucky combination of getting my credit card down to zero (and pretty much keeping it there) earlier this year, hitting some good sales plus having oddball tastes (mainstream tends to cost more), and birthday and Christmas cheques from my Mom, plus a nice Christmas bonus cheque from work ... being debt-free for the moment, I decided to treat myself to a few months of fun, and will go back to regularly scheduled sticking extras into savings or RRSP in 2008. :-)

EDIT: Both Dirge books very good (no surprise there, as he's yet to disappoint me). "Peter the Pirate Squid" very silly (and not for children, despite appearances, unless you are willing to explain the meaning of Peter taking "one for the team" with that female octupus) ... the adorable tiny pirate ship, crewed by crabs, snails, seahorses, clams, and a puffer fish wearing a headscarf and eyepatch, attacking full-size human craft; the mysterious nickname of Ol' One Legged Jelly Lickin' Bill; and just why does a small squid carry such a lust for gold? ... all shall be revealed. Maybe. A recipe for rum-marinated and battered squid is included on the inside back cover. (Note: interior art is by Steven Daily, but Dirge did draw the cover)

"The Monsters in My Tummy" is classic Dirge artwork ... the man makes Giger look like Dr. Seuss, yet simultaneously you can't help but grin at the strange critters ... accompanying a poem about the depression of being dumped by a lover and the battle within between the monsters of loss (Betrayal, Sir Anger, Love In Vein, etc.) and those of recovery (Ambition and Esteem). Simultaneously sad, sweet, and darkly cute (again, not a kids' book, but very good for those adults who still have some kid inside).

Both books are great bargains as well, being priced at $4.95 and $5.95 ...
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