JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Thank goodness it never ends ...

For those of you (and your library cards) whimpering over the previous post ... if it's any comfort, a new layer has been added to my personal to-read pile in the form of Kage Baker's Dark Mondays ('twas on my desk when I arrived at work this morning). It's an anthology of recently-written/published short stories outside of her Company universe ... I know it'll be good because it's Kage Baker, but will let you know HOW good once I've read it.

For further reading, with pictures, I've revamped the Arts and Literatures section of JLS' Favourite Oddities & Curiosities so that all the pretty and alluring webcomic banners and buttons are on a subpage instead of cluttering up the main one. Since the intriguing little hints on banners and buttons is how I discovered many cool, cool titles in the first place, I highly recommend taking a peek at 'em ... let's see who can name the webcomic about goth clubbing and Flying Spaghetti Monster weddings first. ;-)
Tags: reading

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