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Newly arrived on the cataloguer's desk

Forbidden Films, by Dawn B. Sava, covers the censorship histories of 125 films. Goes beyond the more familiar censorship that we all know happens at the editing, rating or release stages when the film is new, and includes cases of movies that have puttered along happily and unnoticed for YEARS before somebody started foaming at the mouth!

On a barely-related theme, Sue Johanson has published a revised and updated edition of Sex, Sex and More Sex. Sue has been the host of the popular Canadian call-in program The Sunday Night Sex Show since 1984, beginning on radio and moving to television in 1996 ... providing valuable and nonjudgmental answers, education, and sex-related consumer reports (volunteers from her production and technical crews do the product testing) for folks in the Great White.

And, finally, jumping all the way over to fashion, those of you who love your comfy footwear might like to browse through Martin Roach's Dr. Martens : the Story of an Icon. Everything you ever wanted to know about Doc Martens!

Happy reading! (dinner smells READY!!!!)
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