JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

More scrummy reading ...

Newest addition to my library: Bandits at Sea : a Pirates Reader, edited by C.R. Pennell. 'tisn't easy these days to find a volume on pirates that doesn't have its roots in "Treasure Island" or Captain Jack Sparrow, or that is based on documented fact rather than popular fantasy (a 400+ page biography of Blackbeard was recently published ... amazing, as the man didn't leave behind so much as a scrap of ship's log or much of anything else besides a reputation). But this one is loaded with citations of primary sources and features essays on Moroccan and Chinese history/practices/crews as well as the better-known (to us) European ones. And the ladies are not forgotten ... Ann, Mary and Granuaille have a couple of chapters, along with one on uskok women (the uskoks pirated Dalmatia and the Adriatic under the auspices of the Hapsburgs).

This one gets a future weekend all to itself! :-)
Tags: reading

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