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Sleepy Saturday Morning

A lovely, cool morning. Black squirrels and one gray one scampering about, investigating every inch of grass and trees outside balcony doors. An occasional crow stalking about as well, and a squadron of starlings just marched across my view in formation, efficiently covering the ground. I've seen a few magpies in the couple of weeks I've been here, but they're much rarer in Calgary than they are in Lethbridge. A pity, since they are, by far, my favourite bird ... so intelligent and entertaining and inquisitive :) Miss Semmie very VERY much at times like this ... these are the moments that are a joy to share :(

Have survived the first week of new job!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Actually it's been fun ... challenging to learn to catalogue to an invisible client's requirements (even if they DO have some odd interpretations of the AACRII rules [this is the English-language cataloguers' bible, used in Canada, U.S., Great Britain & Australia, so that we all describe books and other objects in the same format]) after nearly twenty years of working as an independent, one-person department and making all decisions myself. Challenge is good ... brain aerobics!!!! :)

New co-workers are friendly and also very focused and dedicated. I like that ... the inside of a cataloguer's brain, while working, usually looks like very complicated lace being handmade (can't speak for others, but I'm usually doing 6-10 things at once inside my head while working) ... lots of chat and distractions around one makes one drop threads (and it's very aggravating to lose a thought thread on something difficult just when you're almost at the solution). Sharing space with 11 other people whose brains are also doing this ... HEAVENLY!!!!

The books are quite a change too ... a greater variety of topics because a public library's collection isn't constrained by curriculum. I can see I'm gonna be writing down a lot of titles to put on electronic hold for myself ***grin***. Have already got my hands on "Liberating Minds," a book of essays written by gay, lesbian and bisexual librarians that I've been wanting to read for a while ... needless to say, a bigger city definitely has a bigger selection in its libraries!

Am 50% sort of adjusted to new working hours (workday now starts at 7:30 a.m. instead of 10:00 a.m.), which means that I've been managing to struggle out of bed in the morning (and I woke up early this morning without assistance of alarm clock), but body still hasn't adapted to idea of going to sleep earlier at night and resists with all its might. That side ALWAYS takes longer to kick in ***YAWN***. Should probably stir myself to go out and look for lights for the living room ... want to get a couple of strings of little clip spotlights that can fasten to tops of bookcases ... I've always found that "traditional" living-room-type lamps are utterly useless for reading, making jigsaw puzzles, doing crosswords, needlework and all the other living that I do in that room ... however, do I WANT to be in Calgary Saturday traffic today??? Too difficult a decision to make on one cup of hot chocolate ... guess I'll have to have another ;)

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