JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Another must-read for you ...

Rob "Red Dwarf" Grant's Fat. Entertaining reading wrapped around body perception and the myths that have become our "official food lore" (I know the stuff about salt and cholesterol is true, so it's a good bet the rest is as well ... there's a bibliography in the back of the for those who want to follow-up). The chapters from inside the head of the anorexic teen are especially touching (and accurate ... Grant has done good research here). In some ways eerily reminiscent of Kage Baker's future Britain (as was his Incompetence)... especially the government Wellness Farms that some suspect are really planned to be mandatory concentration camps for the obese.

Not comedy, not tragedy, not drama, not suspense ... just a very fine blend of these genres and more that mix up into very fine reading. :-)
Tags: reading

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