JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Catching up on webcomics ...

A very good week: new Earl & Myrtle strips (YAY! and death to those whose hair flips into place in the morning!), Vincent Price (my childhood hero) in a week-long guest spot at Evil Inc., the creepy political party-brainwashed ... er ... sponsored child superheroes-in-training storyline continues in PS238, more leafblower/kilt sillies in The Devil's Panties, a rare Chooken update, a silly Death bonus mini over at Exiern (the artist is off sick, so this was dug up as filler), a murder mystery at PVP, space battle (and chair territorialism) at Starslip Crisis, and cute Buddha/dragon interaction in Sinfest (love the turning into calligraphy one)

And now, better do something about breakfast so I'll have the strength to tackle the rest of the comics list ... (still have four years of Greystone Inn archives to read ...)
Tags: reading

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