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Conversation with Riley as I'm paying for my loot in the comics shop:

R: ***looking over my titles ("Preacher", "Boneyard", "Peculia", "Lenore") to see if he approves before starting the transaction*** Yeah! I like "Boneyard". ***pause and not quite making eye contact as he starts ringing me up*** Do you ... er ... you're not easily offended, are you?
Me: ***starts laughing***
R: ***starts laughing too*** Guess not if you're buying "Preacher". ***drops into wide-eyed little boy in schoolyard mode*** Do you know what Richard Moore REALLY does?
Me: Uh huh (the answer is here ... questionable for work)
R: I just started reading his stuff a while ago and liked it so I Googled him ... ***trails off*** ... but I met him at this year's (Calgary comics con whose name escapes me at the moment) and he's just a regular guy!

They're so cute when they're young ... I managed to shock him further by telling him Harlan Ellison used to write porn paperbacks to pay the rent ***giggles***

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