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Everybody's favourite cookery ...

... quick & easy.

This is from my copy of Edna Staebler's "More Food That Really Schmecks":

Onion Rice

2 cups hot water
1 cup long grain rice
2 tbsp. butter
1 envelope dehydrated onion soup

Stir all together in a casserole dish, let stand five minutes, cover and cook in a 350F oven until the rice is tender, about half an hour or longer.

Haven't made this in a while, but it's a convenient way to cook rice when you don't feel like monitoring the stuff, especially if you're already cooking meat in the oven. I'm using long-grain brown basmati rice tonight, as I prefer it to regular long-grain and, unlike other brown rices, it doesn't require extra water so I don't have to faff around with amounts; also using spicy onion soup rather than the ordinary variety (my cravings wanted me to use garlic/onion soup, but I appear to be out of it ... yet another note for the shopping list)
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