JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Jackrabbit en toilette

The resident prima donna (aka "The Oldtimer") put on a show for me today ... seeing as he/she wasn't doing the usual boring catloaf imitation, I've cropped the photos to counter LJ's auto-shrinking, showing less grass and more furry detail. Winter white is putting in an appearance, and it's easy to see why the loaf with ears flattened to back is the usual resting position ... it hides all the bits that turn white first, such as the backs of the ears, the undersides and insides of limbs. The white on the front legs is especially neat ... that cookie-cutter bite of white ends exactly where they are exposed by loafmode (the outer edges of the legs and the tops of the paws stick out). Couldn't capture it well, but along with the upper parts of the ears turning, there's a growing-paler patch on the back that is perfectly covered by the ears in flattened mode (when flat those are sorta folded so only the brown front edge shows.

Tags: wildlife

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