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And the books go on ...

Short and sweet this time, I promise. ;-)

A short while ago, I mentioned purchasing a copy of The Story of V by Catherine Blackledge (subtitled "Opening Pandora's Box" in Britain/Canada and "A Natural History of Female Sexuality" in the States ***gives beats-me-why shrug***). I just finished reading it (one of those books on the coffee table that kept getting bumped by books with due dates) and the short review is BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!! (okay, you can borrow it from the library, but you're likely going to end up wanting to buy it anyway). And I don't just mean the women out there ... male readers will learn a great deal about their own anatomy, evolution, and sexuality as well. This isn't a sex manual. It's history, science, structure, evolution and recent discoveries/rediscoveries/theories. My own historical/anatomical/functional knowledge is quite comprehensive, but Blackledge put some new spins on it for me (e.g., I knew that, until science proved otherwise about 200 years ago, female orgasm was considered essential to conception and that, as a result, there was a great deal of fascination with, information, research and teaching on the subject, but I hadn't clued in to the Church's role in endorsing the sexual pleasure of women). It's well-researched and entertaining. And, IMHO, it should be required reading in all sex education classes (I know, it won't be. But a girl can dream, can't she? It just reminds me so much of the time a high school librarian/buddy borrowed my copy of Douglas Adams' "Last Chance To See" and returned it with the comment, "If textbooks were written like this, there'd be no such thing as dropouts" ... THAT's the kind of book this is).

From the back cover of my copy (and I'm sure at least two of these will be new to you as well):


The vulva is the most common image in prehistoric art.

The vagina has "blind sight".

Female foetuses in utero masturbate to orgasm.

Men have a clitoris too.

The vagina has a delicately balanced internal ecosystem, capable of acting as sperm bodyguard and sperm bouncer.

Nose and genitals are intimately linked, and, yes, the nose has a clitoris too.

Female orgasm evolved from the need to control and coordinate the movement of ova and sperm within female genitalia.

***looking up*** Okay, not that short. But this book IS sweet!
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