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Reminiscing ...

hadesgirl talking about her Mom last night got me to thinking of Dad and led to my digging through photo albums tonight, hunting for a couple of favourite piccies for scanning, which led to looking at other old piccies, which led to ... well, you know how those things go. :p

Mom, Dad & Colin. A favourite because of the way Dad is looking at his first grandchild; a look that never really captures in a photo, but my memory fills it in ... I never in my life heard my father say "I love you", but he never had to 'cause he looked it a lot. :-) P.S. Hard to believe that little guy has just started university.

An older photo of Dad, but the best one I have of the GRIN.

My parents' farm: Looking south along the Maitland River, which runs the length of the farm.

My parents' farm: Looking north along the Maitland ... the barn on the horizon to the right is part of Walnut Hill Farm, where my father was born and raised (it's across the road from the farm where I grew up)

My parents' farm: The remains of the lime kilns ... whitewash for painting barn interiors used to be made by burning limestone here.

My parents' farm: Dad's Belted Galloways (his hobby cattle in his semi-retirement) ... he called them his "police cows"

My parents' farm: Dad's Belties.

My parents' farm: The house I grew up in ... my parents moved in when they got married and my mother stayed for another year and a bit after Dad's death.

My parents' farm: Some of Mom's ducks. The dark ones are Rouens, the white, penguinlike ones are Runner Ducks, which were originally bred for racing.

My parents' farm: The house in summer.

Great-Grandpa's art: an ink illustration of Robbie Burns.

Great-Grandpa's art: never let it be said that church art is humourless ... the far right seated disciple is Great-Grandpa's self-portrait, the bald and beardless disciple standing second from right is the incumbent priest of the church at the time this mural was painted, and the disciple with the long beard seated next to Great-Grandpa is the local beat cop.

Great-Grandpa's art: another church mural (I don't know if any of the family or neighbours are in this one)

"Flood of the Century", Lethbridge, June 1995. Taken within a few minutes, either way, of the peak of the flood. Workcrews had been on the bridge until the small hours of the morning, drilling holes in the deck in case the water reached the base; apparently it was capable of floating off the supports and down the river like a boat.

The "normal" high-water level of the river.

Ready to defend that cake to the death ... 2nd birthday.

I don't recall being that slim. :p Twenty-four years ago I made it safely halfway across the country (have driven it loads more times since then), from Alberta to Ontario, without being axe-murdered, eaten by bears, driving off a cliff, or any of the other disasters imagined by parents of their traveling offspring (they made me phone home every night on the journey to their place, and told me not to bother when I left to head back home ***GRIN****)

A landmark of the long drive ... heading east, when you see Joseph's Homestead, you know you're FINALLY leaving the 84 billion miles (I think the Arrogant Worms' measurement is more accurate than the one on the maps) of northern Ontario and re-entering civilization.

Making friends at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.

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