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Knew we were going to have time to kill between picking T.'s stuff up and being able to get into new place, so had taken one of my blue shoes along on the off-chance of hitting the local fabric shop in-between. Instead, we visited a fabric shop up in the NW, near the pick-up point, and, with three pairs of eyes hunting, I got VERY lucky!

Damask fabric on the right is an even closer match than the pleated velvet I found previously (which I still haven't found THE right jacket pattern) ... it's actually a very drapey upholstery fabric which will do well as a shorter version of the bog coat. :-) The blue in the stuff in the middle is darker than the shoe, but has the same balance of blue and grey in the blue section, so is a good match as well (second piccie shows dark bronze metallic embroidery on this uncrinkled cotton gauze ... click for better detail). And the solid on the left matches the blue in the center piece perfectly ... doesn't show well in the photo, but it has a lightly crinkled surface (a shirtweight version of the crinkle gauze that broomstick skirts are made of)

Now all I have to do is MAKE something! :p

P.S. Just to prove that I haven't been goofing off entirely, and have, in fact, been good about doing some stash-busting ...

A cabled sleeve knitted during the evenings over the last couple of weeks to the playing of assorted Brit comedy DVDs ... I've had this yarn for years (don't think I've a label left, but I know it's called "Mesa" and it's washable) in both black and pale grey, each mottled with the same shade of iron grey. Didn't work out in original project (a mosaic sweater ... the occasional blurring of the design by the alignment of the iron grey was cool, but the fabric was too stiff/heavy for my liking), so has been unraveled and restarted with new patterns several times ... still didn't work. Then the newest Vogue Knitting (Fall 2007 ... their site is "under construction" so here's a quick'n'crooked scan from the mag) had a pattern for a sweater knitted in one piece from cuff to cuff (hurrah for minimal seaming!), with cables running up each arm and around front and back of neck opening, and it's RIGHT! Still have to find something to do with the pale grey balls though ...

Clicky for a better view of the cables ...

Had to recalculate the cuffs because I wasn't using a thinner co-ordinated yarn for them as the pattern called for ... also did them as plain 1x1 rib because the cabled rib pattern just wouldn't have worked with the changed # of stitches (cut down by nearly half). Will do plain rib for the waistband for the same reason ... I think it suits this yarn better anyway. :-)
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