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The benefits of having a warped mind ...

If you're a regular customer at the comics shop and show up at the till with a stack of what the manager says are all her favourite titles, you get freebies! Okay, one is a leftover from "Free Comic Book Day" (she says it's good and is about a serial killer who's not really bad ... sounds a decently twisted notion to me), but the other is the real thing ... a special issue of Hellboy.

The shopping list, for those who want to try to duplicate this (although you'll have better luck if you know the tastes of your local shop's manager and adjust accordingly):

Rex Libris, book one (yeah, I have all the comic books, but the book compilation has extra stuff that wasn't in those)

Y: the Last Man, vol. 1 (this is one where I read the early volumes via the public library, but ended up buying later ones because CPL hadn't got 'round to ordering 'em yet and I HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!; figure if I'm gonna have vols. 7-9 in my bookcase, I might as well start acquiring the 1-6 as well, as incomplete series make cataloguers twitch. And it is GOOD!!! and very re-readable)

Preacher, vol. 2 and Preacher, vol. 3 (never mind the turning religion on its head ... I like the vampire!)

And last, but certainly not least, the original Books of Magic, by Neil Gaiman ('cause sealwhiskers will likely come through my screen and punish me if I don't read it). ;p
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