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I think hot food and hot showers are the most important inventions in the universe ... it's amazing how those two simple things can revive the overtimed. We're working on the fall "Hotlist" at work this week ... this is the biannual list of close to 400 forthcoming books that ULS guarantees to have catalogued and in the customers' collections the same week that the publisher releases them. Yours truly is doing the proofreading of the electronic version that can be loaded into a library's online catalogue (there's also a print version and they have to match perfectly, down to the last comma) ... we only got the raw info on Tuesday and it's got to be ready to go tomorrow (the only reason the boss doesn't ask for it to be ready BEFORE we get the raw info is that a time machine would cost too much :p) Last time I only had to proofread half the data ... this time 'round, I've got it all (the person who was supposed to do the other half is having some health problems and deadlines don't wait on healing). But I FINISHED TONIGHT!!!!! It's all over but the last minute price changes and the titles that were only announced by the publishers this evening!!!! And, someday, my eyes may again be on speaking terms with me. But, for the moment, IT'S DONE!!!!! Now all I want to do is curl up and be passively entertained by something that requires no intelligence whatsoever. And I wanna stay there until my cerebrum quits whimpering.

This astonishing bit of background on how the bestsellers get into your library so fast has been sponsored by Fried Brains R Us

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