JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Courtyard theatre ... Saturday morning edition

A great deal of fussing outside this morning ... squirrels are, as usual, out and about, magpie is harassing squirrels (hopping about lower branches of tree, blocking squirrel from descending), and there are three flickers ((red-shafted) visiting (I thought at first that I was hearing somebody using an odd power tool, 'cause the rapid woodtapping I was hearing was far too loud for our bitty woodpeckers) ... adult pair & this year's surviving offspring? One of the current trio is on the ground, investigating squirrel winter food caches ... it's so well camouflaged against the brownish grass that the magpie, on finally flying from tree to ground while still trying to watch all the squirrels, nearly landed on its back and got bounced off, much too its surprise (the flickers are nearly as big as the maggies, and know how to use their beaks, so can't be bullied like most birds)

None of today's action is close enough for decent photos, I'm afraid ... some critters have NO sense of preservation for the historical record. :p
Tags: wildlife

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