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I swear ...

... I only went in there for a set of 7mm needles, as an aid to an attempt at doing some stashbusting. But how's a girl supposed to resist this kind of colour? Especially when it's so pet-able.

Two different yarns here, both by Handmaiden; the smooth stuff is Cashmere Silk (55% silk and 45% cashmere), the knobbly stuff is Silk Spun (100% silk). No colourway label, but the closest match on their website is "Vintage". First piccie is better for textures, second and third for colour (with skein flipped over to show both sides). Oh, and the accompanying pattern is for the Wavy Scarf.

One thing for sure ... if this particular girl is gonna keep being seduced into buying luxury scarf kits, she's REALLY gonna have to start wearing the things! :p
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