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The places the half-asleep brain goes

Presumably due to my recent reading diet being higher than usual in evolution and species invasion (although I haven't watched an Alien movie in AGES)

Lying in that half-sleep, half-awake "coasting" mode that marks those mornings where the clock doesn't determine when you get up, the ol' brain thing started pondering the ecology of the Alien ... sure, the movie-makers set up a plausible life-cycle and all that, but a critter that reproduces and parasitizes/consumes that quickly would wipe a home planet clean long before it had a chance to evolve to the practically invulnerable state we all know and love. But then, the movies only show us the invasive species moving into vulnerable ecologies with no co-evolved natural controls/immunities, like brown tree snakes on Guam or avian malaria on Hawaii.

Which leads one to ponder on just how nasty the natural control species on the home planet is, if its prey has to have acid blood just to have a fighting chance of survival ...

I think I should have some breakfast before my brain manages to go somewhere where it can't get back home. :p
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