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Another freebie

Wanna see a movie that Cary Grant made in England before going to Hollywood? Just clicky-click right here to see "The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" (aka "The Amazing Adventure" and "Romance and Riches"). This 1936 film is now in the public domain, so the download is legal (always a bonus) ... it's a nice little tale (only 61 minutes long) and well worth viewing. :-)

P.S. You have the option of viewing it on the site or downloading it to your computer via the FTP option.

P.P.S. Ooooo ... they're also offering William Powell in My Man Godfrey!!! And Grant again in His Girl Friday (this one's view-on-the-site only). I own all of these movies on DVD 'cause I like 'em so much, so heartily recommend 'em all to my buddies!
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