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Just turned on the stereo and was greeted with CKUA playing a nostalgic Canuck tune (Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Blue Collar") that got me thinking about musical first purchases in my life ... I know some of the formats will date me, but ...

Can anybody else remember what they bought as their:

First 45: Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty "Leather and Lace" (can't recall what was on the b-side)

First LP: Can't recall the exact title of this either, but I know I was 12 and it was a K-Tel compilation of Canadian rock singles that had gone gold; hmmm ... might even have been called "Canadian Gold" at that. (bought at a local department store ... my parents had just bought their first turntable a couple of months before and we lived nearly an hour's highway drive from the nearest real record store)

First cassette: Bachman-Turner Overdrive "Best of BTO" (hence the nostalgia ... the cassette died long ago and I now have the album on CD)

First CD: Eartha Kitt "Miss Kitt To You"

Never did get into the brief 8-track craze, but if any of you have a first buy:

And, what the heck:

First videocassette: "The Party", directed by Blake Edwards and starring Peter Sellers.

First DVD: "Lexx: I Worship His Shadow" ... like most of you need any more description than that ***GRIN*** (heck, it's the reason I went out and bought a DVD player!)

I would have tried for first book that I bought myself, but that goes back to second grade and while I can recall a few (and still have a couple of 'em), durned if I know which was first. :p
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