JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The mission: unlaxing

Ah ... all next week off, with a bonus day because Canada Day is on Sunday and so Monday July 2 is the compensation stat holiday! Kicked off by leaving work early today, since I'd run out of things I could start and get finished by 4:00 p.m. ... 'sides it's hot and dusty and stuffy in there.

Proof that the universe isn't 100% out to get me ... my copy of The sun over Breda (volume three of the Captain Alatriste series) came in this morning, so I've got some great reading to look forward to! Also hope to do some sewing, some city wandering ... we shall see what happens. :-)

On the way home, stopped in at the quilting shop and they had a couple of back issues of Australian Stitches that had been missing from my collection due to the grocery store's erratic stocking of that magazine ... one of 'em has part two of that Vionnet article, anotheranon! (scan will be on its way shortly)

Now for some cold lemonade, lunch, a dash to the grocery store for weekend supplies, and then some serious leisure.
Tags: reading

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