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Palaeontology recommended reading

I've still got two chapters to go (this is a book to read slowly and not race through), but I must say that Donald R. Prothero's After the dinosaurs : the age of mammals is one of the best palaeontology books I've ever read. It doesn't just target mammals, but all the major known lifeforms of the era and correlates evolution with contemporary changes in climate, ocean currents, vegetation, geology and just about every other factor that could affect the success or extinction of a species ... a most thorough overview of the Cenozoic, with an exceptional clarity in the explanation of data and theories. Extremely readable writing style, with no dumbing down, supported by a wealth of diagrams, maps, photos, and drawings/paintings. Everything a university press book should be.

I'll definitely be seeking out other books by this author for my personal library ... he's GOOD!

P.S. Even if your primary interest is dinosaurs, I'd day this one is worthwhile ... the interdisciplinary approach can be usefully applied to the evolution of the big reptiles too.
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