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Don't put your winter woolies into storage yet ...

It snowed last night. Not unusual in Calgary and not a hardship as long as the snow-forming cold air stays up above. Unfortunately it decided to sink to our level. Something woke me around 3:30 a.m. this morning, and after a minute I heard the crack of wood breaking. Too sleepy to bother looking, I figured the wind had come up and snapped a branch. But then it happened again and again and I realized that each crack was preceded by something between a "pop" and a "bang". Temps had dipped to zero and the sap was freezing, expanding, and causing the branches to explode. Not all were lost ... presumably after each tree lost a few, the breaks provided a pressure release.

Took a few piccies this morning, in case everything was cleaned up when I got home ... those are the ones with obvious snow. More after work, with snow practically gone, since the mess was still there (except the last photo ... this morning the branches were flung across the entire pavement so that everybody had to drive over them to exit, but they've now been picked up and piled on the lawn. Several of the branches were thrown a fair distance from their trees; one of the big ones must have ruptured on one side and been thrown sideways since it's about 1/3 of the way around the trunk from its former attachment.

I wasn't alone in this afternoon's inspection ... one of the "neighbours" was also out and about. :-)


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