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Probably of most interest to timcharmorbien and sealwhiskers (the rest of you will have to determine whether you're within scooting distance): The Tennessee Renaissance Festival. During the festival, a member of my cataloguing team will be squiring at the International Jousting Tourney, May 26-28 (she's temporarily set aside her knitting and has been working on chain mail assembly during her coffee breaks), so if anybody is attending, let me know and I'll tell you which name to yell to hunt her down (just try to preserve an IOTA of my aura of mystery, okay?).

UPDATE FOR sealwhiskers: The two events were so often being talked about interchangeably that I'd got it into my head that they were one right after the other. The Colorado jousting event is the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival, held in Estes Park, Colorado, September 6-9, 2007. Don't know how close that it to you and I'm too lazy to go get the atlas at the moment ... hopefully it's nearby and doable for you. :-)

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