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So far so good ...

Have cautiously peeked out the window ... NO WHITE STUFF!!!!!!! Looks as if the clouds elected to rain on us all night instead. I can live with that ... southern Alberta has been suffering from drought conditions for several years and we need all the moisture we can get (rain gets a chance to soak into the ground where it can do something useful; snow sits on top and gets evaporated by the dry wind before it can melt). Sky is a uniform shade of gray and temperature is a balmy +5C, so more precipitation in the offing. A good morning for sampling maple breakfast sausages from local butcher. :-)))))))))))))))))))

12:05 p.m. update: It's @#$%^&*#%$#$^$@%@%#@%#^@#!##$^%%$^&#@$ SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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