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Making great progress ...

... on scrawl, despite having to start over. Something very gratifying about a garment that knits up fast (well, fast by this slow knitter's standards ... a true fast knitter likely would have finished it in a day) and won't require any sewing other than weaving in yarn ends. Definitely making me feel more motivated towards the other more complex and half-complete projects I've got lying around. Or mebbe that's the effect of more daylight. Or fewer work crises (which = more energy at end of day). Whatever it is, I'm glad it's working ...

So far, so good. Cuff goes from wrist to just below elbow ... the blousy looking section above that (on the right) is a simple lace pattern that will easier to make visible when there's enough of it to spread out. Happy bonus ... the metallic part of this yarn has zero scratchiness! Whole thing just feels silky against the skin. :-)

Y'know, it's not easy to try to photograph your own arm while simultaneously keeping the camera viewfinder in a place where you can ensure that you ARE photographing your own arm. :p
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