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She's REALLY here!!!!!!!!!

Came home from first day at new job and the phone has a dial tone!!!!! The Internet works!!!!!! I have a zillion e-mails in various inboxes!!!!!! It is so GOOD to be reconnected to the universe!!!!!!!

New job is FUN!!!!! They started me out on juvenile fiction (that's the beginner level for everybody to get comfortable with the software, formatting, etc.), with a plan of getting me to work on their huge adult nonfiction backlog by the end of the week. Did more than they expected today [started a second box of books when they weren't expecting me to even get through the first ... what can I say except that I'm one of the best at what I do and I'm FAST!!!!!], so team leader was very happy to find she could start me on nonfiction tomorrow. They've had somebody suddenly go on maternity leave a month early, which really screwed them up as they were already behind in the work, so my learning speed is a real bonus for them. It's nice to be loved so early in the job :)

On the home front, things are progressing. Bookcases are all up and books shelved, which means I can now see the floor!!!!! And have space in living room to add more lovely metallic gray units!!!! This is a GOOD thing!!!!!

All boxes unpacked and only casualty was large glass Visions brand dutch oven/pasta pot. Ah well, was eying the IKEA ones anyway (like either Semmie or myself need an excuse to go there). The breakage wasn't the movers' fault ... I did have the pot reasonably well padded, but it was impossible to not have it against the outside of the box and that's where the break was. Considering I likely paid about fifty cents for it (JLS gets all her Visions cookware at flea markets and garage sales and secondhand stores ... other people get rid of 'em because they can't be bothered to read the little instruction manual that tells you to cook at lower temperatures and so keep burning all their food :o).

Only other crises ... two items missing. A 1.1 kilogram weight and ***shudder*** the support bar for the keyboard tray of Semmie's computer desk (note to Semmie: read to the end before panicking) ... this discovered Friday night after rest of desk assembled and other debris being cleared away enough that there are no hiding places. EEEEKKK!!!! Do NOT want to tell Semmie that I'll take her shopping for new keyboard tray at Xmas. Will have to phone mover on Tuesday if have phone service and see if they have these bits ('cause I KNOW they went INTO the truck).

Monday morning (Labour Day), hear strange noise while putting LPs away in cabinet ... finally realize is door buzzer. Very puzzled ... certainly not expecting company, especially not at 8:30 a.m. Is owner of moving company ... delivering 1.1 kilogram weight and support bar for keyboard tray ***BIG HAPPY SMILE*** He knew I had no phone, but had come up to Calgary to visit wife in hospital (recovering nicely from bone marrow transplant for nasty form of anaemia) and took a chance on connecting with me to restore small items found among padding/quilts when guys cleaned out truck back at home base. Much happy dancing ... Semmie-desk now complete again!!!!!

Am now midway through putting fresh couple of coats of stain on couch before re-assembly (had to hide project all away for today in case apartment manager had to let phone guy in ... I find that managers don't react well to such home projects being performed on new carpet ... for some reason these things upset them, even when there IS a massive plastic sheet protecting the floor).

Must test out phone by making call to "Smallville" now. Great to be back amongst you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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