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Just got off the phone ...

... with UPS yet again, since it's well after 5pm and no sign of a parcel. First I went to their website and printed out the history of the thing ... quite interesting reading. According to their records, first delivery attempt was made on the afternoon of Feb. 23. Huh? Go and get the delivery notice I found stuck to my mailbox yesterday morning and, yes, it IS dated Feb. 23 ... hence the confusing "Monday" checked off as next delivery attempt date, as the 23rd was a Friday; also may explain why the thing smells of dirt and has dried, muddy waterstains on it ... must have been sitting on the floor of the truck or something? Next entry isn't until March 1 ... for that date and for the 2nd, "adverse weather conditions" in Calgary prevented any attempt at delivery. I know Calgary is famed for its microclimates, but weather conditions in my part of town were just great on those days, so I doubt there was a blizzard in the NE. No record of any delivery attempt on Mar. 5 or 6, even though it was either on the afternoon of the 5th or the early morning of the 6th that the notice was stuck to my mailbox. My call to arrange pickup is logged at 10:55 a.m. on the 6th, with "out for delivery" logged at 4:56 a.m. today.

The UPS staffer I just finished talking to was FAR more on the ball than yesterday's ... she was able to confirm the whole mess at her end, apologized profusely, called the local depot to check on the driver and confirmed that he's still out delivering, even though it's after 5pm, and said that I should still get the thing today. We shall see ...

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