JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A highlight to the day ...

... (besides adding to my wardrobe). I'm beginning to think there must have been some unconscious she-knows-what-she's-doing expression implanted on me in college as part of the diploma ... often, when I shop, I'm a magnet for puzzled people. Today in Edelweiss, a women approached me with little packets in hand to see if I knew what they were. At Edelweiss most of the products have no English on 'em ... text tends to be in German or Dutch (which is part of what makes grocery shopping there so much fun!). Lady was after whipped cream. Packets both looked like whipped cream ... in fact they were identical in size, colour, picture on front. However the "label" word on each was different ... they were sitting side-by-side in the same display box, but there were two shelf labels underneath ... one for each of the two different words. One shelf label all in Dutch, one in Dutch with additional words "whipped cream". But as near as we could figure out, that one was some sort of whipped cream "stiffener". Maybe. Lunch crowd was coming in at that point (store includes small cafeteria and cafe), so was impossible to corner staff-type person. As I was standing in line to pay for my haul (two boxes of that kale hash & two more tins of hot chocolate), new acquaintance passed me empty handed ... told me with a grin that she'd decided to have lunch first and try for staff help afterwards, joined gent who I assume was hubby and they both toddled off café-wards (sorely tempted m'self, as the food there is YUMMY, but overruled by fear of whip-wielding friends and desire to get through downtown and home while traffic still not dreadful).

I do like grocery store encounters like that ... we discussed all the Oetker dessert mixes on the shelf that we'd tried or not tried yet, she was curious about my boxes, so I ended up explaining what kale was and what the mix was like. Then, at cash register, staffer passing by behind cashier spotted the hot chocolate and made a point stopping to tell me about Girardelli's utterly decadent brownie mix (not sold in that shop, unfortunately, but I think woman actually running cash was one of the owners/managers, 'cause she had a Swiss accent and was quizzing the staffer about it as I left ... mebbe it'll be part of the stock next time I go up there). :-)

And it was a sunny, warm, don-t-need-a-coat, can-have-the-windows-open day, with ice and snow melting off pavements as fast as it could. Spring is coming!

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