JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Reporting to my volunteer sewing whipcrackers

Errands took somewhat longer than expected, partially due to repetitive, one-syllable telephone conversation with UPS employee who had great difficulty with the concept of a customer wanting to pick up a parcel rather than have it delivered to workplace ... Neil Gaiman owes me BIGTIME for supporting his favourite bookstore. :p

However, shirt has cuffs, is hemmed and has three buttonholes. Must now walk over to fabric store (about two blocks) and get second spool of thread as original ran out halfway through fourth buttonhole (picking out half-finished buttonhole to start over is NOT fun, as bobbin thread goes berserk and tries to recreate Gordian Knot when main spool runs dry). Am also taking mauve shirt over to match, as have discovered that, while I own a rainbow of threads, I don't own any that actually match said shirt/buttons.

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