JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

An addition ...

... to the qualifications for being my perfect mate ... a love of the tedious chore of laying out and cutting patterns. I'll keep taking care of my fabric and pattern choices and the actual sewing, thanks. :p

Sad that it took this long to realize that, even though I love sewing, I often find it difficult to get into the mood ... that boring preliminary work sucks all the enthusiasm out of me like some sort of paper/pin/thread-based vampire (chalk up more points for knitting ... grab your sticks and string and dive right in to the GOOD bit!)

'owever, I took yesterday and today off with the intent of getting sewing done and gonna make today's goals public ('cause if I'm the only one who knows, I can and will slack off without guilt).

Not a heavy load, really ... as I've also got to drive up to the other end of this burg and sign completion certificates for my recent class (and, traffic permitting, pick up some more of that kale hash mix and, hopefully, some 3.5mm doublepointed bamboo needles) ... that's going to take a while. But this afternoon:

Teal/black shirt of yesterday: nearly complete, but still needs cuffs, hemming, buttonholes and buttons today.

Dark mauve linen shirt: snapped up at thrift shop YEARS ago, but was missing buttons; only FINALLY managed to find some that matched a couple of weeks ago. Buttons must be sewn on today.

Bathrobe: tie-dyed flannelette in vivid orange/red/purple purchased last year with intent of being oversized shirt like teal/black number above. However current el-cheapo bathrobe hastily purchased for bunkroom-sharing/awards-dinner trip many years ago is showing those tiny holes that mean beginning of disintegration of cotton. Flannelette, being fuzzy on both sides, would cling to other garments when worn over leggings or as jacket over jeans/t-shirt, plus colour pattern on large side ... FAR better candidate as bathrobe. At least pin out and cut, so it will be ready to go when sewing mood hits again (and mood more likely to hit with instant gratification waiting in the wings)

Okay, I'm now counting on your impatience for photos to motivate me. :p
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