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Traditional shirt collars ...

... are one of the primal evils and I would set a bazillion curses upon the head of the inventor if it weren't a lost cause ... every other sewer on the planet has already done it at one time or another. Although it's not really the inventor's fault ... those who should be truly damned are the unimaginative people who write the same hair-tearing out instructions for constructing same on every bloody pattern instruction sheet in existence.

Actually, the reason that I'm truly annoyed is that I know there IS an easier way ... the method used in commercial shirt sewing. Unfortunately I reached the collar stage of my current project and realized that I couldn't remember how to do it. Method (known as the "taco") not in my otherwise marvelous DK sewing book. Video that I originally learned it from lives nearly 300 kilometres away ... not exactly convenient. No luck with Googling for it. So gritted my teeth and did it according to pattern directions ... looks great, but sewing is much more fun when one isn't feeling homicidal urges. :p

Ah well, that's the nastiest part over ... cuffs are attached with the same technique, but that's straight edge to straight edge, which is infinitely less teeth-grinding than the straight edge to curved edge of collar attachment.

Have vowed that I MUST purchase my very own copy of that far-away industrial shortcut video that makes collars (and other bits and pieces) such a happy thing ... tracked it down and it's ***gulp*** $71.95US, but I figure if it keeps my blood pressure down (and my right thumb out from under the little screw knob that holds the sewing machine needle in place), it's worth every penny and more (plus it's on DVD now ... the original VHS was nice, but the thought of perfect freeze-frame and slo-mo for techniques makes ownership triply appealing).

And now ... off to play with sleeves ...
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