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The godfathers of Canuck comedy

You've seen The Kids in the Hall and the Mackenzie Brothers. I've pointed you towards the Royal Canadian Air Farce, Rick Mercer, and other funny stuff from north o' the border.

Now's your chance to see the guys that the above all grew up watching: Wayne & Shuster. Up until recently, trying to find much of anything about Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster (whose cousin Joe was co-creator of Superman) online was next to impossible ... odd, since they were the ultimate funnymen (and not just on this side of the line ... in the U.S. they hold the record for most appearances on Ed Sullivan). But I've just discovered online video clips (along with a bit of history) of two of their greatest sketches. Do please treat yourselves to:

Rinse the Blood Off My Toga (Sadly, this is the highlights version that was aired on a tribute program, not the full sketch, which runs about fifteen minutes. But the main plot scenes are all there ... you won't get lost)


Shakespearean Baseball (THE ultimate Shakespeare spoof that is unlikely ever to be topped. As far as I can tell, this one is complete ... if anything was snipped out, it's pretty minor)

EDIT: I've now viewed the baseball piece ... like RtBoMT, it's the tribute show highlights, not the full sketch. But also, like the other, it's all the important scenes. If anybody hungers for full versions, I don't have video/DVD (wish such a thing was available), but I DO have the uncut radio performances of both sketches and will happily share.

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