JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Musical mystery ...

Added all my LPs to CaTraxx tonight, then loaded the whole kit'n'caboodle into JLS' Collections ... the listening list needs some serious editing done to the behind-the-scenes data, but title, artist, and format-wise, it's complete and correct. :-)

As I entered each LP, I had Amazon.ca open in a second window to check CD availability and add to my wish list when possible ... dunno where I'd put a replacement turntable if I ever got 'round to buying one, so figured I'd plan to upgrade what I could.

And, in the process, came across something that struck me as odd ... I could do some research and probably find the answer myself, but I'm feeling lazy and I have all these far-more-music-knowledgable buddies out there in e-land.

Mystery being this ... every recording the Beatles ever made appears to be available on CD (sometimes only on the secondhand market, but that still counts). Every recording except one. Of "Hey Jude" there is nary a sign (except for a Spanish tribute album to the Beatles under that title, which doesn't count). I confess that I didn't bother checking Amazon.com, so if there's 25 different releases there, feel free to tell me I'm an idiot. :p But if there really is something behind this and you know what it is, sharing would be appreciated.
Tags: listening

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