JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Taught another ...

... successful session of The Cheater's Guide to Cataloguing yesterday afternoon. I think this one was the best yet ... while the first two groups admitted total ignorance of the available web tools, this lot claimed some familiarity. Yet, it turned out, they hadn't seen any of the stuff I showed 'em ***HUGE GRIN***. Was asked afterwards by one of the participants about the possibility of my doing the show for the Catholic Board of Education ... guess that means not using "Bitch Lit" to demonstrate the benefits of using WorldCAt to hunt copy for oddball publications (according to that, only two libraries hold copies and they're both in the U.K.) and making sure that the newest online list at mapping new LC Subject Headings to recommended Dewey numbers doesn't include "erotic poetry" and "sex toys" (a couple of yesterday's highlights which were greatly enjoyed by the attendees).

Afterwards, since the shop is much closer to the Inet-Toolbox building than it is to my home, zipped (well, crawled actually ... it WAS Friday rush hour) over to Edelweiss and stockpiled Ghirardelli hot choccie (3 big tins of Double Chocolate and two of that beautifully lethal Mocha). Plus a wedge of their gouda cheese that makes me salivate at drowning level just with the faint whiff of it that penetrates the wrapping, and an intriguing box of an instant potato/kale mix (with the instructions all in German ... normally I prefer peeling my own, but the picture of bright green mash on the box caught my eye and I'm curious). Being there meant the comic shop was practically on the way home ... so stopped in to pick up volume 2 of The Maxx and the newest issue of Rex Libris (must go back and get a copy for D-formerly-at-work as he's discovered that the local comic shop in his new location doesn't carry it ... no problem with doing that for him as I've just finished "The Maxx" and now I want volume three ASAP!).

Did get home quite a bit later than I thought I would, so gave Mom a quick "Happy Birthday" call with the promise of a longer chat today (could tell she'd been watching or reading something interesting and wanted to get back to it) ... had one of our usual lengthy, giggly conversations this morning.

And now back to my regularly scheduled Saturday loafing ...
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