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More old-time entertainment!

One discovers the most amazing things while catching up on one's LJ Friends page. Even the icons are a reference source! Today I spotted one that was a poster advertising Vincent Price in the role of The Saint! I own a number of Saint novels (Leslie Charteris wrote over 100 Saint books) and am familiar with the TV (Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy, Simon Dutton) and film (various actors, most recently Val Kilmer ... although that movie bore even less resemblance to the Saint novels than the James Bond flicks do to the Ian Fleming books) versions of the character ... but the marvelous Mr. Price!!!!! When???!!!! Where????!!!!!

Turns out Vincent Price played the role of the Saint on radio from 1947 to 1951. And there's a full episode,"Greed Causes Death", available for download!!!!!! (which I'm enjoying as I type this). If you like old radio drama, this is worth a listen!
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