JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Meant to tack this onto the end of yesterday's "Bitch Lit" post ...

... but forgot. Movie recommendation from D-formerly-at-work: Bon Cop, Bad Cop ... says it's VERY good (and this is from a Montrealer who's been living and working with Anglos for quite a few years so he oughta know). Right now it's in that limbo between theatres and DVD, so I'm got it flagged on my IMDB account's "must see" list (that handily pops up little alert symbols for DVD releases and TV broadcasts).

And if the thought of seeing a film that's a good cop story, truly bilingual (with subtitles in both languages), and explores the differences between Canada's two major cultures doesn't grab you, then the only bribe I have left to offer is this: Rick Mercer has a supporting role in it. :D
Tags: viewing

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