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She's sorta here ...

Greetings, everyone, from the public Internet cluster of the Fish Creek branch of the Calgary Public Library. I'm here!!!! Minus a few brain cells and a lot of sleep, but I'm here!!!!!

Move mostly went okay once it actually happened. Movers supposed to arrive between 5 and 6 p.m. after completing local job. Movers arrive at 7:45 and are fully loaded by 8:15 (movers LIKE people who disassemble all their furniture and tape parts into bundles ... however this is negated by fact that movers HATE people with many VERY heavy book boxes ***grin***). 3 good-looking, tanned, very funny young men doing work ... good thing Semmie not here or would be down at police station bailing her out after charged with rape ;). JLS on road to Calgary by 9:30 with fluffy giant feather pillows from couch to sleep on. Get to new apartment just after 11:30; unload absolute necessities from car, leaving rest to unload next day. Am starving and protein craving as have been emptying Lethbridge fridge and had to turn down Lethbridge landlord's take-out-to-last-dinner invitation due to expecting movers any minute (with handy dandy hindsight, now know that I COULD have gone ***pout***). Happily discover a Wendy's drive-through down the street that's open until 3 a.m. (Note for Semmie: MIDDLE OF NIGHT STUFF HERE!!!!) and am saved by bacon cheeseburger. Curl up on makeshift bed around 1:30 a.m. and zonk out for about five hours.

Movers said they'll not likely arrive until about noon, so back car into loading area to finish lugging stuff up to apartment (with plan to go get a few groceries afterward and be back before movers arrive). On second trip down to car, see moving truck pulling into parking lot ... it's only 10 a.m. They got an earlier start than anticipated, heartened by my report that there were miraculously NO construction holdups on the Macleod Trail (main highway into Calgary. Only two of last night's crew with truck today ... are rather put out that moving company owner who came to house to do estimate neglected to tell them that apartment is 3rd floor walkup (by using loading entrance, reduced to 1.5 floors) ... they've only brought one stairway ramp and they need three. Still maintain their senses of humour during ordeal ... spend their time plotting what they'd like to do to boss. Boss calls on their cell during unload to ask why they aren't back yet ... tell Boss EXACTLY why they aren't. Stuff that took 1.5 hours (with smoke break) to load takes 5 hours to unload due to having one less body and staircases. During middle of unload, cable installer arrives, sees book boxes, and gives thanks that he's not mover.

Assemble benches, chairs and trestle table while guys unloading .... later slither sideways through gaps in piles of boxers in living room and manage to assemble entertainment centre and hook up electronics ... can at least have something for ears and brain while putting together more stuff. Rerun of old "22 Minutes" New Years special on Showcase ... has to be old 'cause evil Rick Mercer is still in cast ... know Semmie would kill to have seen this, poor widdle thing. Finally stagger off to sleep in real bed.

Morning. Stumble out and look at chaos. Can cope with anything if have hot chocolate (am living in foothills of Rockies now, instead of on prairie ... it's COLD in the morning, even in summer). Nuke newly purchased milk in microwave. Where is hot chocolate???!!!! Thought it was in load from car, since drank some yesterday morning, but it isn't. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Must be in one of last-minute packed kitchen boxes. Where are kitchen boxes???!!!!! Only two in kitchen!!!! Squeeze into spare bedroom and discover pile of boxes with "kitchen" written on them. Hot chocolate in bottom of third one dug through. Also unearth pitcher to put frozen orange juice in, so mission is double success. A little bacon and am ready to face day. Assemble three bookcases (which clears a little floor space), then decide need to head out into big wide world and make contact (though am sure Semmie will post reports on me, just as I did on her when she was out of touch). Also need to get longer cable for TV, since apartment doesn't come with one (they usually do here) and only spare is too short for where I want to put entertainment centre. First priority ... get registered with Calgary Public Library so can use facilities (hey, I have itty bitty books in my veins instead of hemoglobin ... that's why I do what I do).

Still have Sept. 2nd as official date for activation of phone and DSL, so will try to come to library a couple more times between now and then.

Miss you all!

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