JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

From the Cataloguer's Desktop

I've just finished entering a new booklist over at catdesk ... I'm pretty sure this is the biggest one so far! So much good stuff to read that you'll have to ice your library card to keep it from bursting into flames. ;-)

Additional reading: Baen Books is at it again! We've noticed at work that a couple of recent Baen hardcovers have included CD-ROMs which contain multiple complete novels in talking book form (well that's what it says on the CD, anyway). There are likely others, but the two books with this feature that we saw were This scepter'd isle by Mercedes Lackey, and Windrider's oath, by David Weber. (NOTE: I've confirmed the free CD thing via Wikipedia ... scroll down to "Promotional CDs" near the bottom of the entry).
Tags: reading

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