JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

After all my excitement ...

... about Little Mosque on the Prairie, I missed seeing it due to attending my boss' annual dinner for ULS team leaders and CPL department heads at a very good Greek restaurant (yeah, I know your #1 concern is the food: my order was grilled lamb chops in rosemary sauce w/ risotto and steamed vegetables, and baklava cheesecake ... YUM!) ... forgot to stick a tape in the VCR, but figured I'd be home in time (and figured wrong).

Word at work is that it was (fortunately) very good, and the fact that it broke the record for premiere viewing of a show up here, and even beat out "House" says something good about at least 2 million people in this country ... they want to see and to understand the other cultures in our multicultural nation. :-)

MUST watch it next Tuesday!
Tags: viewing

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