JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Nearly done (and definitely done for tonight)

Amazing how something can look so sad and shapeless on the hanger and so good on the body when tried on. Three dimensions make all the difference ... the combination of stretchy fabric and shaping in the side and back seams mean a very nice, smooth curve-hugging fit. Still have to hem the skirt and attach the ruffles to the sleeves, but those are both things I'd rather do tomorrow morning when I'm more or less alert. :p Colour on the close-up of the fabric pattern is WAY off ... it's deep black and crayon red (not dark gray and cherry, as the flash made it appear). Pattern is Simplicity 4948 (purchased last year and presumably now out of print as it's no longer listed on their website).

If I remember to take my camera to the party tomorrow night, I'll get somebody to take a photo of it in wear-mode.
Tags: sewing

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