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Essential viewing

One of my important to-do items over the holidays was to watch Osama, a DVD I purchased a couple of months ago, but was holding until I could give it 200% of my attention. I watched it Christmas morning. The #1 word that describes it: devastating. This isn't a movie you watch to make you feel good, but to get a taste of what life is like when your world is ruled by religious fundamentalists (doesn't matter whether the religion is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or any of the others ... this IS what it would be like) and there is no means of escape. While the central character is a girl whose mother disguises her as a boy in a desperate attempt to keep the family from starving, you also see that any man not part of the Taliban religious police is just as fear-ridden as the women. This is a world deliberately remolded to consist of terror, distrust, and loss of hope. Not recommended for those who have to have a happy ending onscreen ... instead you have to remember that the happy ending is that this movie exists.

Osama was the first film made in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban; it's based on several true incidents from that time. The DVD includes an interview with writer/director Siddiq Barmak ... it's an essential part of the experience.

Definitely a must-see ... if only to make you appreciate every little freedom we have.
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