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Grumbly growls

Big fluffy snowflakes are dropping from Calgary skies yet AGAIN!!!!!! The white covering the ground this morning is gone, and the stuff continues to melt as it hits the ground 'cause it's currently +4C, but this has been going on since before daybreak and doesn't bode well for overnight. We desperately need the moisture (rain would be better, since it soaks into the ground more quickly, before the dry air can evaporate it), but extended cold temperatures are going to do terrible things to the newly-leaved trees, crops, grazing, etc.

But, despite my concerns, there isn't much I can do about what Nature decides to fling at us. So shall just stay curled up on the couch, drinking honeyed fruit tea and reading The Lions of Tsavo ... THAT will teach the weather to be so unspringlike. :p

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