JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Ear candy ...

Have finally managed to fit in listening to new CDs acquired during music shop visits with Nephew C, and they've all turned out to be very good stuff:

The Drover Road, by David Wilkie and Cowboy Celtic. If the crew of Serenity formed a shipboard band, they'd probably sound a lot like Cowboy Celtic. :-)

The Scat Song, by Cab Calloway, from the Quadromania series. 4 CDs for $17.00 is pretty hard to beat ... I've been a Calloway junkie for many years and yet this set's 72 tracks yielded up a lot of tunes I'd not heard before ... and even the familiar titles weren't the commonly heard versions. Had some concern about what the quality of this bargain might be, but 'twas unfounded ... the sound is excellent. Having heard this, I can highly recommend that lovers of older music go to their local Amazon site and search for "Quadromania" in the music section ... the series has an enormous and droolworthy selection of performers (all 4-CD sets) listed at prices so low that one wonders if they're typos (they're not). I'm definitely going to be buying more from this series.

Between Heaven and Earth, composed by A.R. Rahman and performed by the Czech Film Orchestra and Chorus. I'm familiar with A.R. Rahman as one of the major composers for Bollywood films, so was intrigued by this recording, which is his first orchestral score. Sure hope it's not his last ... this is gorgeous!
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