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So much to view ...

... and too few hours in the day (like you guys didn't know that). Amazon.ca must have decided that they needed to clear out the warehouse before the Christmas shoppers got into full swing ... suddenly all my orders that have been on hold for months (because one item in each was on backorder) are being shipped. Several bargain DVDs that are replacing some elderly worse-for-wear VHS tapes (but even if the movies are familiar old favourites, there's EXTRAS to watch and commentaries to listen to). And then there's the new stuff ... just-arrived-today season two of Black Books and season one of Jonathan Creek (hurrah for extra-curvy, true crime writers and the hypochrondriac, windmill-dwelling designers of magicians' illusions that they lure into investigations!). Such temptations for a girl who's still only three episodes into the Dead Like Me complete season one loaned by D-at-work, which means she has a LOT more grim reaping to watch.

Ah well ... I teach the second session of The Cheater's Guide to Cataloguing tomorrow afternoon ... mebbe I can sneak an extra episode or two of something in the a.m. :p

And then, after and during all that, there's also the READING!

P.S. An obscure little item among my VHS-replacing DVDs that's well worth watching if you can track it down: The Amazing Adventure. Cary Grant made this movie before he left England for Hollywood, and it's a little gem (you'll probably notice that the IMDB page has a different title ... the film has been released under several different names, with "The Amazing Adventure" being the one currently in favour for video and DVD in North America).
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